Sustainable Practices

“Green” is more than a buzzword at Barile Gallagher Engineers, P.C. We are committed to sustainable design practices that insure that our clients will enjoy comfortable, practical facilities that minimize their long term impact on our environment.

LEED principles are applied to all of our projects whether the owner has elected to pursue certification or not.

Every project is reviewed for potential application of the many sustainable products and systems available today. Many of our projects include geothermal heating and cooling systems. Energy recovery technology is utilized in some way on almost every project insuring that the energy expended in heating or cooling fresh air is not simply wasted when that air is exhausted. High efficiency lighting is also utilized on every project with daylighting controls where practical. Solar domestic hot water generation is an example of one of the ways we employ renewable energy sources to our clients’ and the environment’s benefit.

These are some of the innovative technologies we have utilized in our designs in recent years. However we have been employing more mundane “green” technologies for many years including variable frequency drives (VFDs) on fans and pumps, Building Automation Systems (BAS), high efficiency boilers and chillers, low flow plumbing fixtures to name just a few.

In short, Sustainable Design practices have become part of the fabric of our firm not just a green veneer. Together with our clients and associates we are…
Designing a sustainable future